Week One Reviews for "Evening"

Here's a first-week round-up of the reviews we've seen for the new Wiping out Thousands video, "Evening."

"...the haunting video (produced by Matt Barnes and Joshua Bartz), featuring singer Alaine Dickman covered in stark white powder, only adds to the minimal track's ghostly allure." - Erik Thompson, CityPages

"This video is creepy but in such a cool way. Eerie but excellent!" - Rich, Rift Magazine

"We dig the new @wot_thoughts music video & so would you" - The Wake Magazine

"whoaa. awesome video!" - Bad Bad Hats (Yes, that's THE Bad Bad Hats)

Other mentions:

The Current's Friday Five
Sound Verite
Minneapolis Fucking Rocks

For what the non-press people are saying, Taylor has been keeping track pretty well on Twitter. You can also see their adventures to SXSW live-Instagrammed.

If you see any more reviews, shoot me an email or comment below.

To get a behind-the-scenes process on how we made the artwork and video happen, check out my previous post, "On Giving Wiping out Thousands a New Haircut."