Wiping out Thousands Summer Tour Promo

I've been spending my nights and weekends (still have that full-time day job) on getting promo material together for Wiping out Thousands' summer tour. They've announced the tour today, and we couldn't be happier with how the posters look.

I wanted to create something that would stand out on a wall next to other concert posters when people glance at them.  I also wanted to make sure each location had its own version of the poster, even if the differences were strictly arrangement. Since we also wanted Facebook banners, it was essential to me that we caught people off-guard by avoiding using the delta and shake things up a bit. My life has had a long fascination with cubes and isometric art, so it was a prime opportunity to try a new geometric shape for WoT without completely disassociating from their current era. Since we have done all the previous imagery as macro shots of space, I thought it would be interesting to see if I could make something feel microscopic. My first shot at it was for the show with Big Black Delta.


You can check out the photos I took from that show on my Flickr. Without a doubt, Big Black Delta has one of the best live shows I have ever seen. My hearing is still recovering. 

Another variant for PRIDE 2013:


The cubes were made and exported as vector through a sweet application called Hexels. When Taylor uploaded the poster to the @wot_thoughts twitter account, something along the way rendered everything in a completely different light.

Twitter, you magnificent bastard. Look at what you've done!

It looked way more badass, but I was still attached to some of the elements in the other version. I got to work on modifying the project to emulate the error, but try to retain what I liked about the other version.

We liked it, so it was time to update the Facebook banner as well. 





See the whole set in the  Wiping out Thousands portfolio page.

If you're in Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, or Des Moines, check out their show. They put a lot of love into their music and they might just play a new song or two.