Tired Tongues (2014-2015)

After the fallout of Wiping out Thousands, Taylor enlisted me to help him create a new band. Taylor took over vocals on top of his usual guitar and digital work. He also brought on the insanely talented drummer Adam Szczepaniak for collaboration. I created a visual direction and produced a series of covers.

"Exes" EP

With this project, the album came out before the singles. As the core of Tired Tongues was fueled by an enraged side of Taylor, we chose to use photos of personal significance to him as the baseline for the album covers.

For the "Exes" cover, I took one such photo and glitched it - deleting and modifying the image's code - then further distorted it manually. The result is a one-of-a-kind image that perfectly suite the album Taylor created. From here, we had a platform for the singles.

"Infidelity" Single

Next on the release schedule, "Infidelity" was the first (and to date, only) song to come with a music video. Matt Barnes was brought back to create the video and I assisted with shooting.

Taylor encouraged a lot of cover variation to play with. I came back with more photos he took from a solo road trip and developed a process to ensure the photos would distort and glitch with consistency. The result would remove all doubt to the observer that they were looking at a Tired Tongues release.

Scrapped Covers

Not everything in the Tired Tongues world was born from turmoil though. Simplifying the creation process provided some entertainment for us between recording and practice sessions. I was able to turn out mockups and alternates quickly, much to the amusement of the group

We were also particularly humored by the popular use of color filters on some of our favorite rock albums of the '90s.

Early Test Run - Present Day

This cover was my pitch to Taylor after hearing what he was working on. It was the one that set the group on the course to build the loudest art rock group in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Tired Tongues seldom perform live, and "Exes" is the only released album to date, but we worked to ensure that we can pick up where we left off easily if we ever want to get back to the studio. The experience provided catharsis for Taylor and something different for the Twin Cities music scene.

Listen to Tired Tongues on SoundCloud.