Wiping out Thousands (2012-2014)

Taylor Nelson and Alaine Dickman were rising to prominence for their local art rock band when they asked me to take the reins of their visual direction. We pulled in Matt Barnes to help us make music videos and sharpen our project focus.

"Evening" Single

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I developed the visual concept for the era of content following their album "This Came First." We wanted to give our audience something they haven't seen. We started with coordinating the release for the single "Evening." I created the album artwork and Matt Barnes and I co-created the "Evening" music video in a four-day window, with an out-of-pocket budget of $100. The storyline was scrapped, but what we ended up with was haunting.

I also posted a film behind-the-scenes production photo series and a glimpse at the process to create the artwork a couple weeks after release.. The video was met with positive reviews from the local media outlets:

"...the haunting video (produced by Matt Barnes and Joshua Bartz), featuring singer Alaine Dickman covered in stark white powder, only adds to the minimal track's ghostly allure." Erik Thompson, CityPages
"This video is creepy but in such a cool way. Eerie but excellent!" Rich, Rift Magazine
"We dig the new @wot_thoughts music video & so would you" - The Wake Magazine
"whoaa. awesome video!" - Bad Bad Hats 

Crossing Wires

Following the release of "Evening," Matt and I collaborated on a series of videos that would highlight live performances and go behind the scenes with Taylor and Alaine to show how they created their sound.

Matt took the lead for these. I created a motion brand, visual guidelines, and assisted with shooting and editing.

 The badge for Crossing Wires.

The first video was received well in the local press. Just a few weeks later, we released the second and what would become the final video in the series.

 "Master, Creator, Deceiver, Friend"

"Master, Creator, Deceiver, Friend"

"Master, Creator, Deceiver, Friend"

Wiping out Thousands closed up shop in 2014, leaving the album we were building up for unreleased. Taylor and I agree that its album cover was the perfect culmination of what we built together with everyone involved.

The fallout of Wiping out Thousands inspired Taylor to create Tired Tongues and asked me to step in again for visuals.

Listen to Wiping out Thousands on SoundCloud.

"How We Lost The West" Concept

Following a road trip in 2015, Taylor expressed interest in bringing back the Wiping out Thousands brand and revitalizing some of the concepts we were developing. In previous cases, we would develop the visuals based on the music during production. In this case, we didn't have music yet, so I put together something inspired by the photos of his trip.

Taylor loved the challenge to create music after the cover, but the project was ultimately shelved due to personal commitments.


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