Land acknowledgement

This website was coded on land stolen from the Catawba Nation, Sioux Nation, and Lakota Nation.

Tech & Design

Coded in HTML5, CSS3, Markdown and Javascript using Panic Nova, and generated with Eleventy. CSS minified with LightningCSS. Code hosted on Github and deployed automatically with Netlify.

Typeface system uses Fixel, a collaboration by  MacPaw and AlphaBravo.

Iconography made on Sketch and converted into a font with Fontastic. OpenGraph images generated with Cloudinary API.

Profile 📸 by Erik Fairchild.


A personal website, in the best of conditions, is still a collaborative effort. Tremendous thanks to Maggie Armstrong, Molly Rowan, Brian Miller, Aaron Bartz, Ryan Rud, Craig Gieselman, Krzysztof Jendrzok, Michael Cullen-Benson, Kraig Schroth, Erin Merchant, Betty Rowan, and Alex O'Neal for feedback, support, troubleshooting, and inspiration.

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