Hi! I'm Joshua Bartz.

☝️ And that is a real chicken on my back.

I design and consult on inclusive products.  📣

Ethical research and design creates a more equitable world. I build teams, refine strategies, champion accessibility, and foster "yes-and" collaboration.


I'm open for work!  💻

After a cross-country move, I took a hard-earned sabbatical. Now I'm excited for projects for Mac, iPadOS, and iOS apps, web apps, or websites. Let's talk!

2017 - 2021

I led design for Jamf Now.

It's an Apple-centric mobile device management platform for small businesses without IT and InfoSec backgrounds. I built user experience roadmaps and shipped a new subscription tier with refreshed Mac, iOS, and web apps.

2012 - 2016

I cut my UX teeth at Code42 Software.

CrashPlan's support ticket metadata helped me prove that we didn't have to fish in the dark to identify our customers' problems, and the Support team helped me prove that we didn't have to jeopardize our secrecy to conduct usability testing.

But also

I read and listen to music. 🎧

Right now, I'm reading Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, and I can't stop replaying my 2022 spring playlist on Apple Music. Also, check out the older playlists.

And I am known to write on occasion!  ✍️

Expect links from across the web, updates on real-world projects, and design and ethics talk — with an infrequent hot take on music, books, and cooking.