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Making a personal site is like overexposure to sunlight. Re-styling a personal site is like peeling dead skin off a sunburn.
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It's version 5 of this kind of career-forward website for me, certainly not the fifth canonical version of my website. This is a project that I abandon and come back to more often than I'll ever admit. Despite the façade of confidence and swagger, I think personal sites are monumental challenges for even the best designers, developers, writers, whoever decides to do this. It is deeply anxiety-inducing.

I'm releasing this before it's finished, so expect some bugs and rough areas, including:

I want to call out the typeface in particular. Two Ukrainian software studios, MacPaw and AlphaBravo, collaborated on it and gifted it to the world with an open license. They ask for nothing in return, but if we wish to thank them, they provide an option to donate to the MacPaw Foundation, which is providing relief to Ukrainians during the Russian invasion.

In utter hardship, they crafted something beautiful, named it after their studio cat, Fixel, and buried the donation call-to-action at the very bottom of a very long, very beautiful page.

This gesture and the absolute beauty of the typeface was what prompted me to rip off my own bandaid and try again here, with this.

Ideally this is a hub for my goings-on, a way to own my content and corner of the Internet. It wouldn't put so much emphasis on my software career, so much as offer broadly all the things I want to share. It's still not an ideal site, but this is a much better flavor.

Some things I'm looking forward to trying in v5:

The previous version was ugly to me for so many reasons. I'm glad to be rid of it. As always, even with the quick turnaround, I still had feedback and support from peers and friends. My thanks and gratitude to them. I hope you enjoy it. I hope it sparks in someone the urge and audacity to go learn some code and attempt almost relentlessly to build their own static site.

Feedback supports my work

Did this make sense? Was it worth my time to write it and yours to read it? Could I have done something better or smarter? I want to hear it all. Shoot me an email or buy me a coffee. ☕️

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