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I'm working on a referral-only basis.

I've consulted and designed for products that help homeowners save money when they hire handypeople, and happy diners learn more about their favorite wines.

2019 - 2021

I led product design for Jamf Now.

Jamf Now is an Apple-centric mobile device management platform for small businesses without IT and InfoSec backgrounds. I built user experience roadmaps and shipped a new subscription tier with refreshed Mac, iOS, and web apps.

2017 - 2019

I was a design generalist at Jamf.

Jamf helps organizations succeed with Apple. I implemented accessibility standards and put together strategy for a full redesign of Self Service on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, consolidated more than 150 duplicate patterns and rearchitected Jamf Nation, and helped champion the start of Jamf's UX research practice and design system.

2012 - 2016

I got my start at Code42.

Code42 protects the world's data. I established a user experience practice by leveraging customer support ticket metadata. I redesigned key data management and recovery workflows, and I co-conducted internal usability tests to protect the company's intellectual property. I am still an internal meme.


In 2016, after more than a year of receiving UX mentorship at Code42, I went to General Assembly in Austin, TX to earn a certification in User Experience Design. I remain close friends with my primary instructor from that course, Alex O'Neal.

UX Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group

In 2018 and 2021, I earned two NN/g certifications in Interaction Design and UX Management. Ask me about my roadtrip to Vancouver for that 2018 certification.

In practice

I'm a full-stack designer. I conduct research, create mockups and prototypes, communicate with engineers, Product, Marketing, and front-lines teams like Support and Customer Success, and I can even write some HTML and CSS if the project requires.

My process allows every stakeholder to be invested in a project. I build an environment that encourages collaboration and candor. The best products ship when every member of the project understands what we're doing and why we're doing it, and importantly, isn't caught off guard by deliverables and requirements.

I've worked with teams across timezones and continents remotely and in person — in cities like Amsterdam, Vancouver, San Antonio, San Diego, San Jose, Raleigh, and Katowice, to name a few.

My work is used on millions of devices all over the globe and the International Space Station — literally out of this world. I've taken feedback and delivered on it for some amazing organizations, including:

Apple Inc Lucasfilm IBM The Ohio State University SAP Pixar Code42 Software Jamf Software

That wouldn't have been possible without working with amazing engineers, designers, researchers, and product managers along the way.

Josh is a fantastic UX designer and an excellent human being. He is intelligent, genuine and empathetic. He is not afraid to stick up for the user and brings valuable insight to any engineering implementation meeting he is involved with.
Joe Cotton
Senior Software Engineer, Jamf Now User Interface

Some of those collaborators were kind enough to say some nice things about me. These are just a couple of the referrals I've gotten over the years. I have so many more on LinkedIn.

[...] For Josh, a user must be the focus and the center of the product. The experiences he designs are based on user research, ethical approach, and knowledge. [...] Josh knows what collaboration means. He works hand in hand with designers, PMs, architects, and developers, always results in great projects.
Krzysztof Jendrzok
Senior User Experience Designer, Jamf

Software should improve the lives of its users. It should be designed to cut down on cognitive load and build trust that it's doing its job. Great software gets out of the way so people can reliably focus on what they're trying to get done, without siphoning off their information on the backend. What we do should put humans first, always.